OCI - Vapor Recovery Foundation


We worked to build a vapor recovery system with a 15’ inset pump can and compressor foundation for the DuPont plant in Nederland, Texas. Because the project was constructed on poor soil conditions, we took exaggerated measures to ensure the best end result. Drilled pier footings were installed at a depth of over 50’ with a 24’’ diameter.

Champion Lakes Subdivision

Champion Lakes Subdivision on FM 3180 relied on our team to complete their civil construction project. The project began with over 1 mile of 12’’ water main. The original water main ended about 1,500 LF north on FM 3180. We connected to this water main and extended it to the entrance of Champion Lakes. At the entrance, Vast Construction bored under FM 3180 and continued with the water line to the second phase of the subdivision. Before reaching the end of the subdivision, we had to bore under Cotton Bayou. This work was very complex as Cotton Bayou’s water elevation at the time was about the same elevation as the water table. Because a water main must be installed below the water table, Vast had to work hard to ensure proper installation of the water line. After completing the water main, Vast Construction excavated about2-3 cubic feet over the whole 3,500 LF proposed 8’’ thoroughfare to achieve road-base elevation for the paving component of the project. Finally, Vast Construction completed a 200 LF box culvert bridge over Cotton Bayou, with a decorative concrete railing. We were very pleased with the success of this complicated project.

Signature Industrial Services

Signature Industrial Services' new office was a true turn-key project. The Vast Construction team completed all work required for this development. It began with site work and plumbing and progressed through the foundation, framing, electrical, interior plumbing, data cabling, insulation, sheetrock, taping, floating, texturing, trimming, painting, security, paving, and landscaping. We at Vast Construction are very proud of how the project concluded and Signature Industrial has praised our work.

People's Trust Credit Union

The team at Vast took on a commercial construction project for the People’s Trust Credit Union and it was a great project for all involved. We broke ground for the foundation, and once the building pad and plumbing was established, we began the storm sewer and concrete detention pond. As the structure started to take shape (with metal studs and sheeting in place) we continued with the masonry component and began paving at the same time. The paving section started with soil stabilization of the subgrade, then 6’’ paving for the parking lot. We are proud to have finished our scope of work three weeks ahead of schedule on this project.

ZXP Technologies

The Vast management team has been a part of the ZXP Technologies bottling plant from the ground up. We began doing work for what was previously HiPort Inc. in the early 1980s. In 1985 HiPort suffered a massive structure fire that destroyed over 90% of the plant, including offices, warehouses, assembly lines, infrastructure, and paving. Even as HiPort was burning, our management team was there coordinating with the fire department and using our heavy equipment to help salvage as much as we could. As the smoke cleared, Vast Construction was there to help with the cleanup. Our dedication to our customer only strengthened our relationship. The Vast Construction team rebuilt the entire plant for HiPort, including every major structure, tank pad, retaining wall, and underground utility since the unfortunate incident. In spite of changes in owners and management, ZXP Technologies has relied on us time and time again because of our dedication, workmanship, and ability to finish a project on time and under budget.