About Vast Construction

From commercial buildings to city sidewalks to industrial foundations Vast Construction provides a vast scope of services. We are a vertically integrated, highly skilled, and motivated commercial and industrial company dedicated to excellence in every aspect of business. Our company is managed by a team of individuals that have roots in the civil and industrial industries since 1975. Vast Construction currently operates in Houston, Beaumont / Port Arthur, Western Louisiana, and surrounding areas.


Our goal as a company is to incorporate sustainable design and construction practices into each project while maintaining an awareness for the needs, desires and available resources of our clients. We strive to work with the other members of the project team to strike that delicate balance of project cost versus environmental impact. Designing, building and occupying a high performance, sustainable structures requires knowledge, experience, passion and a commitment from all members of the team. We bring the skills and experience necessary to achieve our client's goals for sustainable, high performing structures.

Every Project is a Partnership

The most important thing we build is relationships. We've forged lasting, mutually rewarding alliances with clients, architects and engineers. Time and again, they come back to us for experienced consultation, quality work, responsive service and attention to detail.

Customer Relations

Our exceptional services establish the standard of excellence in the industry. We provide the proper blend of people and resources to understand our customers' needs and exceed their expectations - both today and tomorrow. We are privileged to work in a safe and enjoyable environment where there is enthusiasm, free expression, pride, laughter and genuine good fun. Individual creativity is encouraged, and we are empowered to take measured risks to succeed. Combined with accountability and our commitment to excellence, the result is personal and professional fulfillment. All construction projects are different and present their own specific set of challenges to everyone involved. At Vast Construction we offer a variety of services to handle these challenges and meet the needs of our clients.